The studio

Vingt Quatre Avril is a creative studio created by Camille Cauquil and Julia Kerjean, both product designers graduated from l’ESAD de Reims and les Arts Déco de Paris. Receptive to color, geomatrical and simple shapes, they decide to join forces in 2010.

Very attentive to your needs, Vingt quatre avril is a human-sized studio. We listen, involving our creativity and brand expertise in order to upgrade your retail brand visibility.

We care to follow your operationnal curbs : retail store, budgets, plannings .

Please contact us, we’d gladly meet you.


Why 24 avril ?

Well, beacause it’s the 111st day of the gregorian calendar ( the 115th during leap year). It’s the day when Snuppy, the first cloned dog is born. It’s the Gambia national day, the day before the Dianthus Revolution, the birthday of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Willem De Kooning, Christine Ockrent and Barbara Streisand.

It’s also the birthday of Julia and Camille. It’s 6 days after Marie’s one.